Gone sailing

Will be back mid February.

Gearbox mount

Front gearbox mount in the bus.

IRS vs. pre´ 59

IRS nosecone to the left and pre´59 nosecone to the right.

Nosecone mismatch

Engine and gearbox has been removed, and the car is ready to accept the IRS gearbox....as soon as I find a bigger hammer, so I can get the bus nosecone to fit the IRS gearbox!!! ;-)

It turns out that the pre ´59 splitbusses got a diffent front gearbox mount, so a repro nosecose from a post ´59 bus has been ordered. Also, an adapter is needed, to make the bus accept the earlier nosecone. Fortunately, CSP got the adapter, and it should arrive at my place in a couple of days, along with type 1 (IRS) rear brakes (5x205) and other bits´n parts.

First "issue"

To prevent the shocks from rubbing the shocktowers on the beam, the shock mounts on the lower trailing arms need to be narrowed. Christian (Devil´s Speedshop) at TAR´s (http://www.teamangoraracing.dk/) is going to take care of this "issue".

4" Narrow

Going from 2" narrowed to 4" narrowed. The leafs has been cut to fit the narrowed beam. Trailing arms have been test-fitted, and everything seems to be working...so far, so good!

The right ride hight

I finally got the time to get starting on my ´57 pickis. Over winter I´ve planned to get the car lowered.
So far I got a set of SA Sprintstars, bolt-on IRS, 2" adjustable CB Performance beam, IRS gearbox...ready, set, GO! The plan is to go with stock brakes and dropped spindles in front, and Type 1 IRS brakes in the back...that should be enough to stop a 36 hp powered pickup.

Mock-up of the front wheels.